Who we are

We believe the most successful are those that think ahead

That's why we're passionate about helping every business and individual across Australia and New Zealand do more with what they have.

Every year, more than 60,000 clients choose to pay their insurance premiums by the month with us. Through our network of over 600 insurance brokers, we help individuals through to large corporates to free up their cash flow.

Our story

Realising that insurance is a significant annual cost, we made it our mission to create a simple way of helping businesses and individuals manage this expense.

Macquarie Premium Funding was born in 2004.

After acquiring Pacific Premium Funding in 2013 and changing our name, Macquarie Pacific Funding is now one of Australia's leading providers of 'insurance premium funding' – which is an industry term used to describe monthly payment options for insurance.

Our philosophy

With a team of more than 70, we are passionate about being a leader in what matters – personal relationships. We use technology and innovation to personalise experiences and forge genuine and real partnerships with our clients.

We believe the most successful businesses are those that think ahead. That's why we are committed to helping every Australian and New Zealand business do more with what they have.