For us, it's personal.

Macquarie Pacific Funding

1300 555 068 (Australia) Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 6pm (Sydney time)
0800 000 246 (New Zealand) Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 6pm (Auckland time)

We are a team of 70 specialists across Australia and New Zealand

I'm passionate about creating a responsive, positive experience that exceeds our clients' expectations.

Rachael Lavars

Chief Executive Officer

Listening is a pleasure when you are genuinely interested in people and their businesses.

Wayne Tower

General Manager Sales

+61 448 206 420
I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping solve a client's problem.

Matthew Doyle

Account Manager

+61 418 385 229
Working with people gives me energy – I love getting to know my clients.

Laura Kinkead

Relationship Manager

+61 437 013 157
I help my clients by taking the time to listen to them - this is so important.

Kayla Crethar

Account Manager

+61 429 356 273
Getting back to the basics of good customer service is an important part of what I do.

Melissa Cox

Senior Relationship Manager

+61 437 604 549
I am committed to providing strategic solutions that deliver high value for my clients and their customer base.

Trent Ireland

Relationship Manager

+61 418 325 960
My clients know they can rely on me. They know I will keep at it until the problem is resolved.

Linda Eykman

Relationship Manager

+61 409 434 943
I build trust with my clients by keeping my promises and over delivering.

Elizabeth Lawry

Head of Sales Vic, Tas, SA, NT

+61 408 545 808
I put the client’s needs at the forefront of everything I do.

Ashleigh Cade

Sales Support Coordinator

+61 3 9635 8897
My passion for people and their businesses creates valuable relationships with my clients.

Elizabeth Pritchard

Relationship Manager

+61 447 845 280
I'm genuinely interested in people and enjoy understanding their needs, wants and challenges.

Mark Holt

Relationship Manager

+61 407 751 688
My genuine interest in people helps me build trusting relationships with my clients.

Peter Epanomatis

Account Manager

+61 429 325 188
My clients know I set high standards and can be relied upon to deliver the best quality service.

Gerardo Tagliavento

Relationship Manager

+61 447 223 826
I am motivated by a genuine interest in getting to know people and their businesses.

Rhianna Paton

Senior Relationship Manager

+61 427 958 200
I follow through every matter to the end, making sure that my clients receive the best service possible.

Sam Bottin

Sales Support Coordinator

+61 8 8203 0279
I strive to provide the best quality service to my clients that I would expect if in their position.

Allison Carman

Relationship Manager

+61 405 443 024
My strong relationships, technical and industry knowledge help me meet and exceed my clients' expectations.

Natasha Heslop-McIntosh

Relationship Manager

+64 21 246 3798
I love solving problems, creating an easier path and saving money for my clients.

Tiandra Tamiaans

Senior Relationship Manager

+61 429 050 552
I embrace every opportunity to strengthen the relationship I have with my clients.

Damian McGuire

Account Manager

+61 429 824 358
I give my best effort to find a funding solution to all proposals no matter what the problem.

Gordon Sweeney

Relationship Manager

+61 418 800 817
We believe everything starts and ends with our customers.

Sales Support team

1300 555 068
We offer flexible working solutions to help our customers.

Collections team

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